Stretching for your Lower Back Pain

Support your lower back with gentle stretching exercises that will restore motion.


If you have experienced lower back pain, you are not alone: approximately 80% of all adults have experienced this problem at some point in their lives. The good news is that with a clear stretching routine, you can relieve aches, prevent future occurrences, and improve your posture to feel better.

There are some simple self-care tips that can help you stay on track and keep your lower back pain under control.

This helpful guide suggests performing a 15-minute strengthening and stretching routine 2-3 times per week to help relieve lower back pain.

Who should make use of this guide?

  • If you want to reduce lower back pain, stiffness, and improve movement.
  • You want to incorporate healthy movements into your daily routine.
  • You want simple stretching exercises that can reduce pain and increase mobility.
  • If you want to learn core-based exercises to help you maintain your posture and provide more back support.
stretching for lower back pain, Stretching for your Lower Back Pain

Why Stretch Your Lower Back?

Muscles and Blood flow Activation – Stretching your lower back can stimulate your muscles and increase blood flow to the area

Extends your range of motion in the short term – Lower back stretches can improve your short-term range of motion, allowing you to perform deeper stretches while avoiding undue strain on your lower back when moving.

Reduction in Stiffness – Lower back stretches can be a great way to relax the area if you have stiffness or tightness in your lower back or are about to be active.

What will you need?

A foam roller is all that is required. Here is a cheap one:

Some space in your own home or workspace.

You only need two or three 15-minute sessions per week.

Foam Rolling Exercises

Learn how to foam roll all the areas of the lower back with these videos below.

Foam Roll: Latissimus Dorsi

Foam Roll: Piriformis

Foam Roll: Hip Flexors

Foam Roll: Adductors

Foam Roll: Thoracic Spine

Muscle Lengthening Exercises

Learn how to stretch all the areas of the lower back with these videos below.

Stretching: Piriformis

Stretching: Erector Spinae

Stretching: Hip Flexors

Stretching: Hamstrings

Muscle Activation Exercises

Some Final Tips Whilst Stretching

  1. Start with a warm-up. Stretching should not be done “cold,” or from a completely sedentary or resting state.

  2. Practice a low-strain stretch. Start your stretching routine with a gentle stretch.

  3. Add in a deeper stretch. After you’ve completed your low-strain stretch, you can move on to a deeper stretch.

  4. Breathe during the stretch.

  5. Combine stretches with other activities. Add in some stretching the next time you’re walking the dog, playing with the kids, or starting a round of golf.

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