Neck Pain

Tightness is an unintended consequence of living in a world with limited mobility. The upper back is primarily intended to protect the heart and lungs and is not mechanically focused on movement.

What is neck and upper back pain?

The upper back and neck are primarily designed to protect all of our vital organs. The stresses of modern life make them 
vulnerable to restrictions and mobility loss.

result, the upper back and shoulder are among the most common pain presentations in our clinic.

We could spend an entire weekend discussing the intricacies of upper back and neck pain, but for the purposes of this article, will focus on two major points: joint tightness/sprains and muscle weakness.

Tightness in the joints and muscles of the upper back

Tightness is an unintended consequence of living in a world with limited mobility. The upper back protects the heart and lunges and its mechanical focus isn’t movement. This focus makes the upper back prone to becoming restricted, particularly when behind a computer.
The tightness causes the movement demands on the neck to overload. This can result in:
  • local muscle tightness
  • headaches
  • be associated with long-term degenerative changes


neck pain, Neck pain

Weakness in the upper back and neck muscles

Weakness in our muscles is not a problem exclusive to the upper back and neck, but it affects the majority of the human body in our modern world, exacerbating pain in the neck. 

As previously discussed, tightness puts extra pressure on the neck, including the neck muscles. This increased load can be difficult to tolerate for strong, stable muscles; overloaded muscles will have more difficult time. Recurrent muscle straining is often the most painful part of the problem and must be resolved quickly, but it is not typically the root cause of the problem for most people.

Treating neck and upper back pain

Your MPR Health practitioner will discuss with you the important factors in your individual presentation and create a treatment and management plan that addresses the root cause, symptoms, and allows you to achieve any health and movement goals that you have.

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