Osteopathy can help to relieve symptoms and address the underlying cause of headaches so that they don’t return in the future. A detailed case history and examination allow us to determine the source of your headaches. 

How can osteopathy help with headaches?

Headaches are complex and have a variety of factors. Stress in the neck and jaw, eye strain, dehydration, and caffeine are all factors. MPR Health’s osteopaths put the puzzle pieces together and relieve your pain.
Osteopaths identify the source of your headaches through case history and examination. They will ask you a series of health-related questions. They assess the neck and shoulders and palpate (feel) any painful muscles or joints.

Your problem may be mechanical in nature, such as a muscle spasm or a joint fixation in your spine or shoulders. Or something else, like stress or sinus problems. A detailed and thoughtful approach will unpack this.

Common causes of headaches

  • Posture, the role of posture in headaches is that it can cause or trigger them as well as provide relief from them.
  • Eating habits, such as skipping meals may result in energy dips and a headache.
  • Dehydration, even minor dehydration can induce a headache.
  • Caffeine withdrawal, if you skip your morning cup of coffee or tea, you can have a headache later in the day.
  • Alcohol

Treating headaches

Manual therapy techniques are used to treat any stiff joints in the neck, upper back, or jaw. Among the techniques used are massage, joint mobilisation, and spinal manipulation. They improve joint mobility and reduce muscular tightness, which refers pain to the head. 

  • The cervical spine (neck)
  • The thoracic spine (upper back)
  • The TMJ (the joints that connect your jaw to your skull)

are all investigated in headache sufferers. The osteopath will use manual treatment techniques to address restricted joints that have been identified.


Final word: headaches

Our osteopaths work with you to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. MPR Health’s home exercise programs can help reduce stress as well as headache trigger points. Ergonomic advice can support you to manage the symptoms of headaches. Osteopathy can relieve headache symptoms while also addressing the underlying cause.

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